OAuth2 Grant Type Comparison
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The OAuth2 Grant Type/Flow Introduction – In Simplified Pictures

The simplified introduction and quickest reference for all 4 OAuth2 Grant Types also known as OAuth2 Flows. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so we carefully crafted a picture for each OAuth2 Grant Type to depict the important details, and highlight the differences between the 4 flows. For more details on choosing the correct OAuth2 Grant Type for your needs, see this.

UPDATE: Based on feedback, most people have indicated that this is great as a quick reference, but some explanation will be super useful for those rather new to OAuth2. We listened, and so here is the version with some words!

OAuth2 Client Credential Grant Type

OAuth2 Grant Type: Client Credential

OAuth2 Resource Owner Password Credential Grant Type

OAuth2 Grant Type: Resource Owner Password Credential

OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant Type

OAuth2 Grant Type: Authorization Code

OAuth2 Implicit Grant Type

OAuth2 Grant Type: Implicit